Roy Jones Jr. on Facing Mike Tyson

13 okt 2020
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#1548 w/Roy Jones Jr.:

  • Bruh, Joe looks like he could take out Roy Jones Jr. Mike is going to bury him six feet under.

    John KellyJohn Kelly19 minuter sedan
  • My thoughts on fighting Tyson: Nahh

    J VillaJ VillaTimme sedan
  • Does wack100 have a chance against mike tyson?

    Master-n-Teach VirgoMaster-n-Teach Virgo3 timmar sedan
  • 🍷😎

    Master-n-Teach VirgoMaster-n-Teach Virgo3 timmar sedan
  • My guess is the Dems are in partnership with China to release the Wuhan virus.. just so they can win 2020 election. What business was Biden actually doing in China? Virus business? google Obama in Wuhan....

    da fukda fuk4 timmar sedan
  • Good luck Roy,your going to need it baby😬

    Melanated BossMelanated Boss5 timmar sedan
  • Man I can’t wait homeboy said can’t be stopped when will these homies leearrnnn and now Mike shows up idk man he might be learnt😂

    Kelly SilverKelly Silver6 timmar sedan
  • This studio sucks dog balls, I could have made a better looking place while high on DMT.

    Repete MynameRepete Myname9 timmar sedan
  • Mike is LEGEND

    trey leetrey lee12 timmar sedan
  • Roy is a genius

    trey leetrey lee12 timmar sedan
  • This fight is a steroids event. I'm not sure why pfizer is not sponsoring this

    shmbbrkrshmbbrkr13 timmar sedan
  • Please can You arrange an MMA match of the Universe: M.Tyson vs A.Karelin.....we deserve an Answer Grappling vs Kicking

    Ján LehockýJán Lehocký13 timmar sedan
  • *Mike tyson vs jones junior* Event manager: so we got more attention than we expected....

    12346unknown12346unknown14 timmar sedan
  • Back then, when Roy won the Heavyweight title, that was the perfect time to catch Tyson. He was mentally checked out, and only fighting for a payday. Roy could've fought Byrd, Toney, Jirov, Holyfield, Baited Tarver up to Heavyweight Then, fought Tyson, and it would've been the biggest fight in history. If Roy would've beat 3 or 4 Heavyweights and Tyson, he goes down as the GOAT 🐐 But no, he has to get suckered into dropping back down for Tarver. BIGGEST mistake in modern-day boxing. Dropping that much weight, at 35 or 36 is not something anyone can do in boxing. Unless you're on PEDs. Like Canelo. If I were Roys Manager, he retires the Greatest of all Time, with his only loss being an avenged DQ. And maybe 2004-05 Tyson.

    Dean DentonDean Denton14 timmar sedan
  • Where's Jimi?!

    Jester RuthJester Ruth14 timmar sedan
  • Tyson was an assassin. But Roy jones was also a beast. Money on jones.

    omar bernalomar bernal16 timmar sedan
  • Hope they both remember its an exhibition fight.

    Fast H RacingFast H Racing17 timmar sedan
  • I love both fighters.. grew up watching them

    Gabriel SilvaGabriel SilvaDag sedan
  • One of the best knockout artists and probably the best counter boxers of all time..gonna be nice even at there age.. gonna better than what boxing has to show

    Gabriel SilvaGabriel SilvaDag sedan
  • what happened to joes office? looks terrible

    Hayk AmirbekyanHayk AmirbekyanDag sedan
  • I haven't been physically afraid for a fighter in a long long time. I'm afraid for Roy Jones. He's suffered some brutal knockout losses and if Tyson traps him and isn't just in there friendly sparring, it could seriously be life altering. Not because Tyson is some juggernaut at 54, but because of the accumulation of damage RJJ has sustained over the back half of his fighting career. Part of me seriously hopes this is cancelled.

    Manu Ginobilis Bald SpotManu Ginobilis Bald SpotDag sedan
    • It's like Apollo creed going in to fight drago...train wreck waiting to happen.

      shadowhawkshadowhawk5 timmar sedan
  • Roy is as tough as mike and determined. Be a good match

    Rob HillRob HillDag sedan

    E L I T E O N T H E B E A TE L I T E O N T H E B E A TDag sedan
  • When is this fight supposed to take place. That is the 1 thing that wasn't really made clear. ANYONE????

    homer randallhomer randallDag sedan
  • The legend returns and the beast has awoken

    George CoullGeorge CoullDag sedan
  • I'm not justifying anything to anyone in the comments but we all have to consider back then they fought like 13 times a year now a days they have more breathing time... more time to prep for thier opponent I like it better this way this should be a good fight anything could happen but I'm hoping Roy Jones builds his strength and goes for the body alot more because mike Tyson's hands are deadly he wont be able to take to many if those eventually he will get hit with some heat and that is not gonna be pretty good luck to both of them

    UniKue got talent!!!UniKue got talent!!!Dag sedan
  • both of those guys are legends ,doesnt matter who wins or loses

    Tony GendreauTony GendreauDag sedan
  • Wtf 2020 🤦‍♂️

    DJ Heat ZoneDJ Heat ZoneDag sedan
  • Roy better start running around the ring.....hit and run. If Mike gets mad and connects, Roy will be very dizzy.

    karl jacobsonkarl jacobsonDag sedan
  • This fight will be explosive

    SSDag sedan
  • Rogan new set looks like he had Howard stern and Hugh Hefner design it

    Justin ThompsonJustin ThompsonDag sedan
  • It would have been a tale of two lispers

    Bicentennial NaggerBicentennial NaggerDag sedan
  • “Nothing abexabitionist about it”

    mmDag sedan
  • This is not a fight people as it has been a certain fighter has been restricted. It is all a big circus that make these scum bag lazy promoters rich. Shame its not the real deal.

    Bornlyrical nutzBornlyrical nutzDag sedan
  • Cool, free is good👍 When money's required 👋 good luck Joe

    David RobbinsDavid RobbinsDag sedan
  • 1 Ali 2 Tyson 3 Roy Jones 4 Tunney 5 Rocky 6 Forman 7 Louise 8 Dempsey 9 Holyfield 10 Lewis

    ShawnMichael LewisShawnMichael Lewis2 dagar sedan
  • I like how tactical and humble he is.

    Deniz Dante HalilovDeniz Dante Halilov2 dagar sedan
  • Guys did they ever matched at younger? i cant find any clip

    sc pksc pk2 dagar sedan
  • Roy Jones Jr. is a deadman boxing

    Mr. BargasMr. Bargas2 dagar sedan
  • Vote: A. Mike B. Roy

    Ratnesh ChandnaRatnesh Chandna2 dagar sedan
  • Joe talks shit on boxing. Boxers shouldn't even go talk to that fake fool.

    bob barkerbob barker2 dagar sedan
  • The new set is too distracting.

    SeanTheMan1SeanTheMan12 dagar sedan
  • I wish everyone could of experienced when Mike was on top..i was a kid an I knew how exciting it one ever saw anything like never will see anything lke him again. The man was so intimidating so explosive do powerful you watched a Mike fight just to see if guy he's fighting can make it out of first round..was had to experience it to really know what I'm talking about.

    Patrick 1986Patrick 19862 dagar sedan
    • I grew up watching Mike, loved every minute of it. Roy is my favorite boxer of all time. I don't agree that we'll never see another fighter like Mike. There's likely other athletes out there that could perform the same if trained to fight. Boxing just isn't where the world's top athletes land any more. IMO we are less likely to see another fighter like Roy. Power,speed,accuracy,reaction, unorthodox but highly effective defense, and a pure entertainer. If you followed him during his prime you saw maybe the greatest ever.

      Patrick V.Patrick V.5 timmar sedan
    • Yeah I still can remember the night Buster Douglas knocked him out. That was literally the most shocked I have ever been about an outcome of a sporting event. At that time it was unthinkable of anyone taking Tyson down. He lost a lot when he went to prison but still one of the greatest. Nothing more exciting than a Tyson fight when he was in his prime. I can still remember the feeling and atmosphere it brought to your living room.

      Sticky fingersSticky fingers9 timmar sedan
    • And let's be honest the rape charges messed with his greatness he would easily be number 1 imo of all time if that didnt happen in his prime him and Ali the greatest that was forced to miss years of thier prime.

      Rickey JonesRickey Jones17 timmar sedan
    • Facts bro I was a boy too and man Tyson was it

      Rickey JonesRickey Jones17 timmar sedan
    • I grew up in that era so can understand everything you're saying there Patrick. Iron Mike and Roy Jones Jr are two legends of the ring period.

      Manny DManny DDag sedan
  • blm belt is a F....ING Joke . blm by chanting and Worshipping Dead people .

    Jeffrey AndersJeffrey Anders2 dagar sedan
  • In the Face - upside your Head Knocked down dragged out Left for Dead Got you cornered -Back to the Wall Had to take a hiit-had to take a Fall You just got Bushwhacked.....

  • RJJ was amazing in his prime at a reasonable weight class. Mike Tyson would have annihilated, and would still knock him all the way out. He has zero chance.

    Darius ThompsonDarius Thompson2 dagar sedan
  • i dont like the new set up, its weird. pervy

    PandamoniaPandamonia2 dagar sedan
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Roy Jones is a very smart boxer, using more his head than his hands. His eloquence is only matched by the explosive speed at which he fights. Hats off, Mr. Jones!

    silvano novalissilvano novalis2 dagar sedan
    • I hope no one get hurt.

      Scooby DooScooby DooDag sedan
    • Be a smarter buyer, don't pay money for this disgrace of the sport. If you wanna see two old guys fight 20 years after the fact, I got a bar Tank Abbot goes to, just wait till normal life gets back to normal (tank doesn't always win, sometimes he's not let in, sometimes he begs the bouncer he'll be good)

    • Reminds me of Mayweather

      Nick and josh lover 1Nick and josh lover 1Dag sedan
  • Dude

    Tony ArmstrongTony Armstrong2 dagar sedan
  • Roy Jones jr has some interesting looking biceps 😳 that is all.

    marcelino Kmarcelino K2 dagar sedan
  • Jake Paul would knock Roy and Mike out

    SpEnCeR MaLiNoWsKiSpEnCeR MaLiNoWsKi2 dagar sedan
  • I got Roy

  • The old heads bout to show us young folk iow it's done ✅

    Benny99Benny992 dagar sedan
  • Leon Spinks was 200 lbs when he beat Ali for the title in 1978.

    Mr TMr T2 dagar sedan
  • You wanted to fight the man when you was in ya prime knowing he was old

    OG TeadyOG Teady2 dagar sedan
  • Fakest game evver, scened for the monney

    Trailer ParkboysTrailer Parkboys3 dagar sedan
  • Jones lost to Danny Green! White Man in Australia! Shame Dum ass...

    John OrcherJohn Orcher3 dagar sedan
  • This is gonna be one of those PPV classics straight out of the 80's, where Tyson mauls the opponent in under 2 minutes. This dude is in trouble.

    Bill BatesBill Bates3 dagar sedan
    • Ahhh I love those classics😁

      shadowhawkshadowhawk5 timmar sedan
    • No...nono.. this man is The Roy jones jr.

      Sicko WhaleSicko Whale15 timmar sedan
  • Tyson gonna eat this guy up

    JOE AJOE A3 dagar sedan
  • U can hear the mutual respect for he has for Tyson

    Cedric FeacherCedric Feacher3 dagar sedan
  • Got to laugh at all he casuals mocking RJJ thinking he's going to die in the ring. Speaks volumes about this Mans heart as well, a fighters fighter, and a true role model, Love ya RJJ give Tyson hell brother!!.

    Busta RogersBusta Rogers3 dagar sedan
  • When these men speak .... I listen

    Luke SkywalkerLuke Skywalker3 dagar sedan
  • Roy has that warrior mentality too..if he backs down I’ll lose respect for him

    FlashhFlashh3 dagar sedan
    • What you want to take a punch from Tyson

      C GioC Gio7 timmar sedan
    • not me. who needs to see these two champs beat each other up? if you lose respect for a champion fighter because they dont want another fight, there is something wrong with you.

      thrashishthrashish10 timmar sedan
  • joe rogan just wants to say dont do! tyson is going to kill you lol

    Rick bidzinskiRick bidzinski3 dagar sedan
  • baby shark song

    robin janneyrobin janney3 dagar sedan
  • Super bad boys were Joe Frazier George Foreman Muhammad Ali Mike Tyson

    douglas hagandouglas hagan3 dagar sedan
  • Mike Tyson doesn't talk trash like other boxers he just takes care of business when he gets into the ring

    douglas hagandouglas hagan3 dagar sedan
  • I'm in a day if you showed up a half hour late to a Tyson fight it was over this guy's got more first round chaos anybody alive nobody's got that signature that Tyson's got for chaos

    douglas hagandouglas hagan3 dagar sedan
  • Google bite your ear off that guy's hungry

    douglas hagandouglas hagan3 dagar sedan
  • I think it'll be a huge turnout a lot of people going to come to that fight

    douglas hagandouglas hagan3 dagar sedan
  • Tyson's just as tough as he ever was it's just not the dude you want to get into the room with right now with that kind of experience

    douglas hagandouglas hagan3 dagar sedan
  • Yeah they're giving Mike Tyson's boxing license back

    douglas hagandouglas hagan3 dagar sedan
  • Well Roy moved up into the heavyweight division or the fight Tyson

    douglas hagandouglas hagan3 dagar sedan
  • It's going to be a big purse it's going to be big pay-per-view global it's going to be real big money

    douglas hagandouglas hagan3 dagar sedan

    Delvin SalaamDelvin Salaam3 dagar sedan
  • Bad decision Roy makes, Mike is still a natural HW. I think Roy has to complete his bucket list

    alvan chorialvan chori3 dagar sedan
  • Its gonna be a slobber knocker. Cant wait, does anyway know if it'll be on paper view.

    Way WaynesWay Waynes3 dagar sedan
  • Roy Jones Jr seems to really respect and understand Iron Mike

    Captain Mike KCaptain Mike K3 dagar sedan
  • so whe is that focking fight ?

    Timmys HundesalonTimmys Hundesalon3 dagar sedan
  • The new setup: When your real passion is directing Adult Movies but still got a podcast to do

    Cynical RichieCynical Richie3 dagar sedan
  • RJJ was my favorite but imagine sitting there trying to stay cool knowing you're the miserable fool who has to go fight Mike Tyson who his an actual animal.

    Robert FanRobert Fan3 dagar sedan
  • Joe Calzaghe

    Spikey DaveSpikey Dave3 dagar sedan
  • Roy jones is going win fairly easily. Tyson has just been out tooo long, Roy stopped less than 2 years ago and he won that last fight. I love Tyson but lets be real.

    Frank ThedukesFrank Thedukes3 dagar sedan
  • 210 you bugging bro.

  • If Jones is in real fighting shape he’ll kick Tyson’s ass easily... At their age they have no business stepping back into the ring and that’s from a boxing fan

    Dino DeMarioDino DeMario3 dagar sedan
    • seriously...people need to be talking both of them out of it...just a bad idea all around...

      Shay OgunShay Ogun2 dagar sedan
  • I wonder if Rogan would wear that shirt near Tyson?

    Rebel RollitRebel Rollit3 dagar sedan
  • This is going to be the biggest sporting event of all time. I'm projecting viewership figures as big as 5-7% higher than Mayweather vs McGregor But then again I'm not a mathematician or a sport analysts. I am just a rando from Alabama with a gaming problem lol

    XehemothXehemoth3 dagar sedan
  • What are them rectangular things on the wall?

    Gary StryGary Stry3 dagar sedan
  • Shade with that ears comment Roy😂

  • Exibition or real bout?🤔

    Mr. BlueMr. Blue4 dagar sedan
  • Avoid the Tyson knock out punches for the first 3 rounds.... he is out of the game too long. He will be too tired to fight after that.

    George AlexanderGeorge Alexander4 dagar sedan
  • He wanted to fight him when he only had 6 weeks to train/prepare... he sounds scared as fuck at the beginning 😭😂

    Jason BoydJason Boyd4 dagar sedan
  • hope roy gets knocked out because i did not like when he said about manny pacquiao when he was fighting bradley that tim's strategy should be going for manny's just operated shoulder because that's what he has done once to another fighter,,how cruel and low can you get,,but bradley did not do that because he is not a pussy like roy unless tim of course had no choice but when you go after a guys shoulder knowing the guy had an operation is not on

    Ali KulaAli Kula4 dagar sedan
  • R.I.P Roy Jones Jr. (01.16.1969 - 28.11.2020). Thoughts and prayers go out to Roy's family...

    B NB N4 dagar sedan
  • Summary: Roy Jones fucked up taking this fight. He already lost. Mike is ready today!

    F VF V4 dagar sedan
  • That’s joe rogan is blackface!

    Bryan JonesBryan Jones4 dagar sedan
  • Exhibinishish.

    Moe AlaghaMoe Alagha4 dagar sedan
  • The thing is we have an image of both legends and their prime times. Watching their highlights in middle school and boxing my pillow. However, now both are in 50s, so this exhibition might not be what we expect. Just hope both will be safe and have fun.

    Rekan PayneRekan Payne4 dagar sedan
  • If Mike Tyson was once the baddest man on the planet, Roy Jones Jr. was once the greatest boxer on the planet.

    Phillip RilesPhillip Riles4 dagar sedan
    • Lol someone tell roy jones to back down before he die. They puttin a old man in a ring with a animal

      Ali LoneAli Lone3 timmar sedan
    • Roy was great but never the greatest

      C GioC Gio7 timmar sedan
    • Indeed never sleep on roy in his prime straight monster

      Travis ElkinsTravis Elkins8 timmar sedan
    • ‼️‼️

      G SinghG Singh22 timmar sedan